Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering

Airport and Highway Engineering Services
Bridge and Culvert Design
Street and Highway Design
Paving Design
Master Planning
Airport Improvements and Planning
Park and Subdivision Planning

Construction Management Services
Construction Inspection and Start-Up
Partnering Facilitation
Construction Materials Testing
Quality Control and Assurance
Systems Operations Support and Training
Construction Materials Testing Services
Materials Sampling
Sieve Analysis
Moisture Contents
Core Sampling
Abrasion Testing
Soundness Testing
Slump Testing
Air Content Testing
Concrete Design
Hot Mix Design
Plant Inspection
Specific Gravity and Absorption
Plasticity Index
Field Density Testing
Concrete Beams and Cylinders
Pump Stations / Systems

Surveying & Geotechnical Systems
Exploration Borings
Pavement Design / Evaluation
Roadway and Parking Lot Upgrades
Airfield Pavements
Settlement Studies
Lateral Soil Pressure Studies
Foundation Investigations

Water Resources Services
Groundwater Discharge Standards
Groundwater Field Development
Water Management Plans
Water Supply Wells and Systems
Water Distribution Systems
Groundwater Modeling
Water Treatment
Wetlands Protection
Planning and Zoning Impacts
Elevated / Ground Storage

Environmental Engineering

Remediation Services
Corrective Action Plans
Feasibility Studies
Pilot Tests
Groundwater Recovery
Vapor Extraction
Soil Venting
Air Sparging
Water, Soil and Air Treatment
Plume Stability Monitoring
Closure Plans

Wastewater Services
Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Discharge Permit Applications
Construction Inspection / Start-Up Training
Septic Systems
Wastewater Collection System Design
Wastewater Reuse Alternatives
Feasibility Studies
Risk-Based Assessments

Stormwater Management Services
Stormwater Retention / Detention Studies and Design
Stormwater Conveyance System Studies and Design
Dredging Studies and Design
Dams and Spillways Studies and Design
Spillways Studies and Design
TNRCC Dam Permits
TPDES Permets
Flood Control Systems
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
FEMA Flood Studies

Health and Safety Training Services
OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Worker
OSHA Incident Command
OSHA Confined Space Entry
OSHA Hazardou Communication (HAZCOM)
Bloodborne Pathogen
Laboratory Safety
Health and Safety Audits

Regulatory Compliance Services
Process Safety Management
Risk Management Plans
Risk Management
Compliance Audits
Sara Title III Compliance
Regulatory Agency Interface
Expert Witness
Database Research

Solid Waste Services
Landfill Design and Permitting
Solid Waste Planning
Landfill Construction Quality Control and Assurance
Soil Liner Evaluations, Inspections and Reports
Landfill Closure / Post Closure Monitoring
Hazardous Waste Management Plans
RCRA Facility Permitting
TSD Facility Audits
Air Quality Sampling
Water and Soil Sampling
Aquifier Testing
Soil Vapor Surveys
Subsurface and Groundwater Assessments
Phase I and II Transaction Assessments

Pollution Prevention Services
Recycling and Resource Recovery
Waste Stream Reduction and Alternatives
Stormwater Management
Pollution Prevention Plans

Air Quality Services
Clean Air Act (Title V) Permitting
Emission Point Inventory
Air Quality Audits
Regular Compliance Audits
Air Permitting and Emission Source Definition
Assessment Services
'Monitoring Programs

The Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd, Inc. Team has been selected as an engineering consultant to provide services for both governmental agencies and private sector clients. Our governmental clients range from city government, to county and state, to federal governments. Our private sector clients include a variety of industries from real estate and financial to manufacturing and agricultural. Some of these clients include:

Industrial & Agricultural
ADM Milling
American Linen
B. T. Health Care, Inc.
Caprock Winery
Carroll Welding
Cooper Industries, Inc.
Cryovac, Inc.
Frontier Fertilizer
Fruehauf, Inc.
Gene Messer Ford
Goodpasture, Inc.
Gould's Pump, Inc.
Industrial Molding
Lone Star Airgas
Merchants Fast Motor Lines
Purina Mills
Titan Distribution
Terra Solve
Scurry County
South Plains International Trucks
Southern Cotton
Oil U.S. Brass
Wedge Energy Group
West Texas Utilities
Western Marketing
Western Wireless
Watson Food Service
Universal Chemical

Municipal / Local Agencies
City of Abilene
City of Brownsville
City of Breckenridge Gaines County
City of Granbury
City of Lubbock
City of Mineral Wells
City of Morton
City of Olton
City of Plainview
City of Roma
City of Roscoe
City of San Juan
City of Seminole
City of Snyder
City of Stamford
City of Sweetwater
City of Zapata
Jim Hogg County
Starr County
Rio Grande County

Federal / State Agencies
'Dyess Air Force Base
Reese Air Force Base
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Texas Department of Transportation
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Texas Tech University
U.S. Small Business Administration
West Texas A&M


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